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Sharing Christ’s Love
Through Worship, Prayer, and Service

Immanuel Lutheran Church is located in Escanaba, Michigan and easily accessible along Michigan State Highway 35. Our neighborhood includes the Escanaba High School, senior assisted living facilities, grade schools, nursing homes, medical facilities, several churches, and residential developments. In many ways Immanuel is here to help.

Christ’s love for us all was demonstrated through His life, death, and resurrection. The connections He made with people during His ministry and the stories told about those connections is a demonstration to us about caring for each other in all of life’s circumstances.

Our website is the well of information we have built to serve visitors and members alike who need to stop their busy life and take a “drink”. Come with us to explore the many ways the church community at Immanuel continues to learn about sharing Christ’s love. Consider joining this ministry.


Sunday March 10 will be Congregational Event #3 @ 11:30am following worship. Event #3 consists of having a conversation about WHY and HOW we carryout ministry at Immanuel. We will talk about how we use our giftedness and passion for serving in our community, why somethings no longer work like they use to… how we begin to discover new ways of being church together… and our Lutheran understanding of how the “Priesthood” of all believers gets lived out in our faith life.    
This event will last 1-1/2 tops and will have a Lite Lunch as well as Child Care provided so that you are fed and so that families with young children can participate. 
This is one of the most important events we will work on and to be successful you need to participate in the conversation about how we enhance ministry at Immanuel. Your input and conversation are vital for this congregation to move forward in ministry and to the calling of a new pastoral leader. As you know we are working towards making Immanuel Lutheran a viable faith community for the future with the best possible pastoral leader available. 
So… I pray YOU will make every effort to fully participate in these congregational events as they are important to the future of Immanuel. I look forward to seeing all you participate in this event. A Transition Process Outline is available on the front counter in the gathering space as you come in the door. If you have questions or comments, please contact Pr. Dennis.
Small Group Ministry… We are gathering at Mo’s Pub on Wednesday February 20 @ 6:30pm. Our introductory study book is “The End of Religion” by Bruxey Cavey… found on Amazon. Our reflection will be on Chapter 2. If this is something you’re interested in, we look forward to seeing you at Mo’s @ 6:30pm. Please contact Pr. Dennis @ or call 586-854-5660.
Immanuel Choir… We are putting together a choir to sing on Easter. Easter Sunday singing practices will take place after the mid-week Lenten services in March and April.
Here are the dates for we plan to practice. 
February 27, @7:30 pm (Wednesday)
March 27, @ 7:30 pm (Wednesday)
April 17, @ 7:30 (Wednesday)
April 21, before service, 9:30 am.

Summer and warm weather will be here soon…
I promise. We will be having a church picnic at Immanuel… so please mark your calendars for Sunday July 28 where we will be having worship at the park. We are planning to potentially have a pig roast, games, beach activities… perhaps even a baptism(s) and a renewing of our baptisms. 
I CAN’T WAIT… Bring on SUMMER!!!
Message from Chris. I need to be in lower Michigan the first week of March to fulfill grandmother responsibilities. I need someone to cover the office on Wednesday and Thursday March 6 and 7 and Monday, March 11. If you can do any or all of these days, please let me know. Thank you, Chris, 786-2771. 
The season of Lent begins with Ash Wednesday. Wednesday March 6 @ 6:30pm. An Ash Wednesday worship experience with the imposition of ashes, Holy Communion, and a remembering we are finite and from dust we were created and dust we shall return. This is a time when we can gather, confess, seek forgiveness, and let the love of God wrap us in God’s grace. This is also an opportunity for you to invite your friends and family to come and experience the love of God. 
Wednesday’s soup supper will be followed by worship & conversation based on a video series titled “Nooma” where we will reflect on 5 life topics, we all face. I’m looking forward to sharing this with you and through this experience growing closer to God with you. 
Starting Wednesday March 13 @ 6 pm for soup, & worship will begin @ 6:30pm. I pray you will be able to participate with soup and worship.
Mark your calendars for Holy Week activities. We are planning a Maundy Thursday, April 18 worship event that will be experiential in nature with video & images and a Good Friday April 19 experience that will change your life. In fact… this will be something you will have not ever experienced in the Lutheran Church and I assure you it will be an experience you will never forget.
         You will leave this experience a changed person. 
We could use some donations for Sunday school: 
*Lysol wipes without chlorine, 4 containers
*Individual packages of Goldfish crackers
*Clear plastic bins with detachable lids, about 14 x 10-inch size
*Multi-color packs of Playdough, 4 packages
*Small juice hordes*Small bottles of water
*Any craft supplies *Rolls of Scotch tape
Thank you so much, Traci Corrigan
First Communion Class… Pastor is holding a 1st Communion class on Sunday March 24 following worship. Parents… if you have a child(ren) who is 4 years old and older and feel they are ready to begin practicing and learning about our Lutheran practice of receiving Holy Communion you are invited to join us on Sunday March 24 @ 11:30am following worship. It is a complete parental decision if you believe your child is ready to participate. First Communion will take place on Palm Sunday April 14. See Pr. Dennis for further conversation. 
Synod Assembly May 16-18 is coming to Escanaba and will be held at Bay College and at Immanuel, Bethany, and 1st Lutheran Gladstone for various activities. Immanuel is scheduled to host a breakfast on Saturday morning May 18. I have pledged 30 servants to help with a variety of activities. A sign up will be up soon as to those service opportunities. I hope we can show the synod delegates great Immanuel hospitality.  
On August 24, 2019, Mission of Hope Delta County will take place at the fairgrounds in a community effort to help every mother, father, child, man or woman know that God provides hope through being a community. This is NOT a day of “free” handouts, but a “hand up” by providing          opportunities to bring dignity and hope. 
There will be a variety of resources available including a job fair, veteran’s services, health screenings, mental health services, substance abuse, mother’s and children’s services, etc. In addition to these and other services will be the collection and distribution of 10,000 lbs. of grocery’s, school supplies, hair cuts & make overs, family portraits, new shoes & socks, lunch, and many more opportunities. 
In addition to this big event, the multi-award winning contemporary Christian music band “The NewsBoys” will bring a message of hope in their music by providing a concert in the evening. It will be a powerful day of God’s love and grace in our community. 
To put on an event of this stature will take many volunteers. That’s where you come in… Immanuel is going to be an event sponsor, so our name is going to be in all the advertising, and we are going to need many of you to help. There are going to be at least 18 opportunities to serve and volunteer in a variety of ways. There will soon be sign-up forms posted so that you can look over and decide how to use your gifts and passions for service. I am looking for 30 faithful servants from Immanuel to participate. I hope and pray you will be enthusiastic and excited servers sharing the love of God with our community. 

Sunday at 10:30am

What’s New?

This Week at Immanuel

Monday, February 18
12:00 noon, XYZ. Please bring an old family heirloom or keepsake to share.
7:00 pm Boy Scouts
Tuesday, February 19
9:00 am Sewing circle
7:00 pm Outreach
Wednesday, February 20
6:30 pm Small group study (Mo’s Group) at Mo’s Pub
Friday, February 22
10:00 am – 3:00 pm VA


Sunday School 2018 / 2019

Letter to parents
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